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Connecting Advertisers with Premium Business and Luxury Audience's Globally.


AdCompass has built a network of 200 million high-value unique users through long standing relationships with over 300 premium business and luxury lifestyle publishers around the world.

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C-Suites, thought leaders, tastemakers and influencers
Business-to-business, luxury lifestyle, fashion and design
High Impact, Video, Cross Platform
We ensure you can easily view your content. We only work with trusted brands to ensure your content stays free of ad fraud

PinPoint Influencers

Whether it’s targeting boat buyers in Beijing or CEOs in Seattle, AdCompass makes it easy for advertisers to navigate audiences in different locations, categories, formats and premium brands.

Premium Trading Desk

AdCompass’s Premium Trading Desk pinpoints premium inventory for premium brands. We provide access to the world's leading publishers programmatically and at scale, across transparent, brand-safe inventory. Advertisers gain access to the highest quality premium inventory available in the programmatic market.

Safe and transparent

AdCompass utilises market-leading solutions to ensure the impression quality of your media buy. We give you visibility and control of your content, brand safety, fraud protection, and audience reach.

Our advertisers

AdCompass is a real delight to work with. The reporting system is really easy to use and we can constantly monitor our revenue generated by Kate and her team.

Each month since we have signed up, we’ve seen revenue increase. We hope this continues, and that Kate and her team continue to be an excellent partner to us at The Spectator.

Graeme McIntyre

Head of Digital at The Spectator


With digital media spend set to represent 50% of all media spend in 2015, and others predicting one third of all display advertising will be bought programmatic by 2017, it’s important for publishers of all sizes to have a programmatic strategy.

AdCompass helps publishers to increase revenue allowing them to sell spare inventory through one advertising platform.

Our relationships with trusted, brand-safe advertisers, media agencies, trading desks, demand-side platforms, ad networks and exchanges ensure that all content is suitable and targeted for each publication.

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We found it complimented our own offering by extending the scope of campaigns from their RTB offering and via their direct sales teams. We also found their sell-through is high and the reporting was easy to use, which gave us insight into sell-through and yields.

Darren Sharp

Head of Programmatic at Incisive Media