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VERTICALS Adcompass maps out contextual environments to allow brands to communicate effectively with Business and Luxury audiences across 18 verticals.
AUDIENCES We analyse how our audiences interact with micro and macro that affect their business situations. Our 1st party data gives us the ability to understand their behaviours at work and at play.
FORMATS Each audience has different requirements - Our experience with our audiences means that we understand how best to engage with them.
CAMPAIGN INSIGHTS The Adcompass platform allows for you to monitor key audience insights and performance. We allow you to take control of the campaign.
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VERTICALS We specialise in connecting our publishers with reputable advertisers outside their regular sales stream.
AUDIENCES We represent and manage a collection of the world’s leading business and luxury audiences spanning across the globe.
YIELD As the preferred yield solution to our publishers, AdCompass ensures a consistent stream of blue-chip advertisers that complement our publishers' audiences.
INSIGHTS The AdCompass Publisher Portal, our proprietary technology, is tailored to offer a precise and granulated breakdown of campaign and revenue insights.
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AdCompass is a real delight to work with. The reporting system is really easy to use and we can constantly monitor our revenue generated by Kate and her team.

Each month since we have signed up, we’ve seen revenue increase. We hope this continues, and that Kate and her team continue to be an excellent partner to us at The Spectator.

Graeme McIntyre

Head of Digital at The Spectator

We found it complimented our own offering by extending the scope of campaigns from their RTB offering and via their direct sales teams. We also found their sell-through is high and the reporting was easy to use, which gave us insight into sell-through and yields.

Darren Sharp

Head of Programmatic at Incisive Media

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